The Effects Of Praise

Praise affects every area of our lives—our personal relationship with God,
our spiritual warfare against the devil, our own mental and emotional well-being.
Praise is something a Christian just cannot do without. It ought to be the first thing
we do each morning to begin the day, 
and it ought to be the last thing we do each
evening to end the day. 
We should begin and end every prayer with praise unto the Lord.
The Scripture admonishes us to praise the Lord constantly—in the morning, at noon,
and when the sun goes down.

God desires to have a relationship with every believer,
and we develop that relationship through studying His Word
and spending time communing with Him. Praise is a part of that.
Praise brings intimacy, and when we experience an intimate relationship
with the Father, we experience eternal life.

I really believe that our ministry unto the Lord through praise
is the most important thing we can do in our Christian walk.

If we would begin to operate in this and understand how praise affects
the Lord and how it ministers unto Him, this would provide the basis
of a foundation that will last us through our lives—not only in crisis times,
but throughout the entire time we’re here on the earth.